HI, I am
Fateme Esmailie
Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah. Currently, I am working on study bio-heat transfer within the inner ear using the finite element method (FEM). I am working as a research assistant on the subjects related to heat transfer within biomaterials and electromagnetic devices. Since 2015 I have been using numerical methods especially finite element and finite difference methods, COMSOL, and hearing science. I am working in a multidisciplinary group and I work closely with a robotic group that designs medical devices. During my Ph.D.: 1. I completed the thermal management of an Omnimagnet. I developed a model to predict the temperature of an Omnimagnet. I designed and performed an experiment to validate the model. This model is used for real-time control of the Omnimagnet using the Kalman filter. 2. I determined the safe thermal conditions of the magnetic-insertion of a cochlear implant. To this aim, I simulated heat transfer within a cochlea. The results of this simulation are validated by experimental data. I designed and fabricated the experimental setup to validate the simulation of heat transfer within a cochlea. I have been involved in research since 2012. I hold a master's degree in renewable energy (MSc) field with a chemical engineering background (BSc). During my master's program, I was intensively involved in Renewable Energy Engineering research mostly within Solar Energy. I designed, modeled, and fabricated a solar spouted bed dryer. The solar spouted bed dryer is a high drying rate solar dryer. I developed the mass, momentum, and energy balance equations on the spouted bed and solved them simultaneously, using numerical methods, and validated the results with experimental data. I also worked on optimizing the heat transfer in compact heat exchangers. I have a multidisciplinary background and I am eager to learn new topics and step in new challenges. I am looking for new opportunities to solve real-life problems. I consider myself a determined person to provide practical solutions for industrial and scientific questions.
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