Teaching Portfolio

1.   Higher Education Teaching Specialist  (HETS) Certificate
This program is designed to enhance the faculty and graduate students’ teaching ability (https://ctle.utah.edu/hets/). HETS is a one year long program, that during this program candidates are supposed to pass two courses including “Teaching in higher education” and “Cyber pedagogy” with a minimum grade of A-, participate to annual teaching symposium workshop or at least three single workshops. In addition, the HETS candidate is supposed to teach at least two classes or two guest lectures and be evaluated by students, the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellency (CTLE), and the teaching mentor. I passed both courses with an A, I participated the annual teaching symposium and three workshops. I taught two guest lectures in thermodynamics and heat transfer and I got the students, CTLE, and my mentor’s feedback. The evaluations and feedback are provided at the end of this document as appendices.
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2. Heat Transfer Laboratory (ME EN 4610)
I was in charge of setting up the experiments, reviewing the course materials related to each experiment, teach the calculations and report preparation steps, answer the students’ questions, run the experiment with students, and grade the lab reports. The teaching evaluation is attached as an appendix.
3.   Heat Transfer Course (ME EN 4610)
Professor Mathieu Francoeur gave me the chance to cover about three sessions of his class while he was out of town in spring 2018. I taught convection heat transfer.
Also, Dr. Sameer Rao let me teach one session of his class in fall 2019. I covered the heat exchangers and LMTD method in this single session.
4.   Thermodynamics Course (ME EN 3610)
In fall 2019, I was a TA for thermodynamics course. My main responsibility solving the homework in the problem session and answer questions. I also taught one main class that covered part of an open system energy balance.
5.      Solar Energy Laboratory
The solar energy laboratory was a new course by the time I taught is as a TA for one specific experiment. I developed the experiment of a solar spouted bed dryer. I developed the laboratory instruction, and I instructed students during two semesters to use the solar spouted bed dryer and do calculations. I taught the concept of drying process.

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